Descendants of William Millington

Compiled by:
Norman M. Lewis, Jr.

Table of Contents

First Generation

1. William1 Millington birth date unknown.

He married Mary --?--.(1)

William Millington and Mary --?-- had the following family:


Notes and References

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--?--, Mary (marriage to William Millington) (i2315) (living status unknown)


Jarvis, Thomas (marriage to Mary Ann Millington) (i429), b.1808-d.1870


Millington, Alfred (i2319) (living status unknown)
Millington, Betsy (i2322) (living status unknown)
Millington, Charles (i2321) (living status unknown)
Millington, Edith (i2317) (living status unknown)
Millington, Edward John (i2323) (living status unknown)
Millington, Elizabeth (i2318) (living status unknown)
Millington, Frederick (i2316) (living status unknown)
Millington, Mary Ann (i430), b.1815-d.1891
Millington, William (i1762)
Millington, William (i2320) (living status unknown)

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